Ever since I was a little boy growing up in Central Africa, my elder sister and I have been involved with and exposed to art in various forms......from sibling art competition to art on the walls at home and visiting galleries.
I was however, always intrigued and impressed by the photos my father would take to send to our grandparents in UK and Sweden and for me, it triggered an early interest in photography.

I guess its the play of light - the way painters and photographers use it that has always made an impression on me.

While just about all genres pique my interest, I find myself drawn to nature - natural history and landscapes.

I love nature, experiencing it, being in it; I am grounded by it - awesome craggy mountains, angry storms and seas, calm serene scenes in the early morning or the evening light, as well as the fauna and fauna that inhabit these environments.

Being in elements, being self sufficient with all my kit, exercising, navigating, observing and visualizing the image I am out to get, bringing together personal creativity and available technology, is as important to me as the whole post capture process.

Bearing witness to the moment or the event, I often find both stimulating and humbling; being able to capture some of it on camera with view to a particular creation I have in mind, is equally rewarding.

My formative years were in Africa and part of me will always be rooted there. I return regularly. It's the wildlife, the big scenery, the people themselves and their struggles…..its waking up at dawn, in the bush and smelling the burning Mopani wood on the open fire!

My photography not only brings great fun, it brings together a whole lot of things that fulfill and also feed the passion! That's it!

Member Royal Photographic Society 92514