Beautiful Work

Dear Mal;
My wife and I love what we see via this website. Please contact me so we an talk further. Kind regards.
Jamie Bessiel


I want to thank you so much for a wonderful piece of art - pride in place, bold and magnificent in our hallway!
Doug Mowbrey

Hey Mal

Great to find you again following our phot exped almost 2 years ago now! Wow - very pro looking! I have completed a further 2 photo expeditions, the last with Andy Rouse - highly recommended. Will email you separately. Will C
Will Conrad

Great imagery

some lovely imagery in this collection - please let us know about the 500mm vs 200-400mm trial for wildlife. Ref last email. Keep up the good work! L and N
Luke Malley

top images

Let me know when you have tried out that 200-400mm beast. have you read Andy Rouse's (UK based) report on his 6 month trial? J
Jem Harding

outstanding photography Mal

I have been looking through your site - awesome collection!
Jack Pollard


What inspiring images Mal - tremendous! Thanks very much
Nic Stabler

Beautiful imagery

Found your website. Awesome shots! Love the wildlife shots. JC
Julie Chambers

great site

These are beautiful and interesting shots as well as good information. Thanks so much
Damo MacKenzie

cool pix

Awesome pics Mal. Can I ask you how you find the canon 500mm L lens for wildlife? Is it worth the price tag?
Jake Tennsit

superb work

Hi mal, this is superb imagery and you have a definite style. Keep it up. Will keep in checking in.
Nic Priestly

Love this display

We have recently returned from Amboseli on photo safari and it is so lovely to see such images. We are part of a serious amateur-pro photographer group. We would be interested in chatting with you if you have a moment. Very many thanks. A
Angie Owens


Really cool phots Mal - you have a great collection
Guy Sandall


Mal, Ftantastic shots - we have really enjoyed them. Thank you. Jane and Mike Nikeman
Jane Nikeman

beautiful and interesting!

Hi Mal - thanks for a beautiful display. I find the people shots very interesting with your focus on children in difficult environments. I love the Afghan trader!
Angela Shiel

I love your display

Hi - I really enjoyed looking at your shots with your particular style, especially of the African bush.
Rachel Wells.

Lovely photography

Dear Mal, We have been looking at you site - you have some lovely images on this site. Beautiful! We are planning out next Mara photo safari - perhaps we can connect in the next month?
Rob Shanton.

Wonderful Natural HIstory

You have shown us some wonderful nat history imagery Mal - perhaps you could attach the real names of the fauna and flora as well? Thank you for this this display.
Sandy Mowton.

Great shots

Just browsing photography sites - really like you photography work Mal - very interesting too
Jamie loxton.


Great shots - awesome work!
Martin Crudden.

Stunning photos

Browsing photo sites - love your work you have on display here. Thanks a lot!
jenny rodgers.

Love your display

A stunning and interesting site Mal. We are returning for our annual pilgrimage to Amboseli in Oct with canon equipment to try out this time. Congratulations you really have some innovative imagery here.

Alice Porter.

Great shots

you may not remember me - Kenya 2009 where we met briefly. We were browsing photography sites looking for inspiration and ideas. and now, what a fantastic surprise! Wonderful photography and great site - simple and with impact. I will follow up with contact details shortly - it would be great to see you again and perhaps you could join one of our photo safaris.
Andy Mendleson.

Beautiful Photography

Hello Mal, Just a line to say how impressed we are with your imagery - especially the shots with some mood and drama. Thanks.
Jane Mason. 25Aug2012

awesome photography

Beautiful impact photography - really like it and some really unusual aspects and style. Thanks.
Olivia Johnston. 20Aug2012

Great shots

Mal, Great shots, eye for detail and individual style. Love this stuff. Angie
Angie Donar. 18Aug2012

Beautiful photography

Hello Mal, What beautiful work you have displayed here! We apprecaite you sharing this and look forward to updates. We would like to chat with you if you can spare the time, on lens selection - the lenses you have in fact used here. Please let me know if I can email or call you on this. Kind regards, James.
James McKaskill. 12Aug2012

Wildlife photography

Wow - thanks for showing us this collection of images - stunning contrast and colours through your landscapes and wildlife work. I think they are awesome! Jenny Parker, Washington DC USA
Jenny Parker. 02Aug2012

Fantastic shots!

Fantastic photos Mal - superb work. I shall be tapping into Stewart Porter as well for our next Africa project.
Rob Major. 27Jul2012

Superb display

A superb display Mal - great information on each shot and you display a variety of great techniques. Lovely to see. Thank you. Jenny Wade.
Jenny wade. 20Jul2012


I have just looked at your site and I think you have some simply lovely photo imagery - especially of the Mara, Amboseli and Kruger. They are my favourite and regular photo venues as well.
Anthony Mandell. 12Jul2012

top photos!

What an interesting and beautiful collection of images. We love your high contrast style and close up options! John and Anne
Jonny Arden. 12Jul2012

Beautiful work

These really are lovely images Mal. Some beautiful work! Can we chat about lenses in Kenya vs Kruger - I have conflicting information?
Jenny Bartlett. 04Jul2012

Great photos

Really great photos! Especially the landscape and travel section. I notice you used the ziess Distagon 21mm as well as 17-40L and 24-105L lenses for landscapes. Can you advise me on which you prefer and why?
Julian Rogers. 02Jul2012

Awesome work

We just found your site - awesome work - love this stuff! Thanks a mil. AP
Alna Pew

Terrific Imagery

We have just been looking at your website - terrific! We look forward to seeing more of your work
Julie Sender

Great imagery

Great technique and imagery. Thank you for sharing these. Rich
Richard Jennings

Hot shots

Top work Mal! We are planning on the next Mara photo expedition in 2012 for 8 experienced photographers including 3 pros. We'd be delighted to chat with you if you are interested. Details are below. Also, see current exhibition in NYC - link below.
Roger Tate


Hi, massive fan of sas. Just a shout to say how much of a legend this guy is
Dean rawlings

Photo safari

Mal, Awesome photos! We see you are using the 500mm as your main wildlife lens. We will be in contact with Stu Porter as well since we are searching for a top end wildlife pro for our next photo safari to the Mara. Many thanks for your beautiful work and for the recommendation.
Karen Johnson

Awesome shots

Top shots Mal. Really enjoyed looking at these.
Andy Goring

Unreal - great photos!

Hiya Mal - we are a group of photographers from LA and are planning our 3rd photo safari to the Mara. We love these shots. I would like to chat with you on lens selection 100-400mm vs the 500mm. I will wait for your email. I thank you again. Mark
Mark Zemper

Lovely photography

I just want to say how lovely your images are! You have some stunning work. Thanks. Jenny
Jenny Smytten

Your photos

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing these. I think they are wonderful and quite inspiring. We have looked at them many times!
Angela Symmons

Beautiful photos

I just want to say that we have been searching through wildlife photo sites in preparation for our African safari in just over one years time and we think your images and quite beautiful. Wonderful! Thank you. Sandra Macdougal
Sandra Macdougal

Top Photos!

Beautiful photos Mal!
James Pesco

What gorgeous photos

Hi Mal,
Am getting back into photography and was Googling when surprise, surprise look what I found! Congratulations on your stunning photography. Sally
Sally Corinaldi

Lovely photos

Absolutely lovely photography. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Julie Ainsworth

Great shots

Awesome shots Mal. Thanks. Mark
Mark Ainsley

Beautiful photos

Beautiful work Mal. Really enjoyed this display.
Jane Xavier

Fantastic imagery

I just want to let you know that you have some wonderful imagery. We have been looking at your site and techiques you use. Thank you
Alexia Stokavic

Some great shots

Wonderful imagery, especially the close up photography of wild animals - you have used some interesing methods - congratulations!
Leonnie Harper


Top shots Mal - great variety and quality. Our photography group details are below - we do 3 African photo safaris per year and are tackling the great migration again this year. Please see below for details.
Andrew Leonard


I have really enjoyed the imagery you have on display here - awesome!
Marion Parker


I have just had a browse through your photo gallery Mal - beautiful imagery. Thanks. Gavin
Gavin March


Fantastic photos. Would love to see some of them in larger format print - do you sell prints in A3+, or even the soft file?
Angie and Danniel Terrence

Great shots

Some really lovely shots - stunning. Thanks for sharing them with us. We will check in regulary to your site since we are keen photographers based in Toronto and travel much of the time. Terry
Terry More

you photographs

these are beautiful Mal. Interested in your wildlife techniques in particular - panning, and just how you did the ground level close up of the crocodiles with 'remote control and pre-set focus distance'.
Sara Hannon

Great images

You have some truly lovely imagery displayed on this site. Thank you for sharing it.
Mike Brandon

Your photo website

We have really enjoyed your images thanks Mal. Which particular Canon lens to you recommend to wildlife photography in the Mara (as opposed to the Kruger which we have toured several times).
Robert Chandler

love these shots

Wow! makes us want to get out to Africa right now on a photo safari with Stu Porter! Thanks a million for the top tips and advice on kit and techniques. We will be connecting with your Wild4 team and aiming for the M Mara in Kenya later this year.
Brenda Jacobs

I'd no idea!

Hiya Mal,

Just came across this via the Callumkill site. I knew you were passionate about photography, but not that you had such an accomplished body of work!

These are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

Mike Dawson

top stuff!

Fantastic shots - many thanks. b
Bernie Harper

Really enjoy your photographs

Very accessible photographs, great attention to detail.

I'm wondering which Mal Macgown this is? I used to have a dentist in Australia by the same name. He put photos of places he visited on the ceiling of his practice while working on me! Not someone I could ever forget. Thanks again for the photos. I am going to Peru/Bolivia/Belize next year, Egypt this year, with my Nikon D7000. I'll drop you a link if you're interested in the results!
Alastair Stell

Wonderful phots

Really cool pics! Thanks Mal
Zena Partridge


You have some stunning images on display here. We are particularly drawn to the impact of your close-up wildlife approach. Thank you! Andy and Jessie
Andrew Stoddart

Great imagery

Beautiful imagery Mal. Please keep them coming. Do you use the 400mm 2.8L? If so, how does it compare to the 500mm f4L?
Jamie Cameron


Fantastic photos Mal. I love your images here and will be contacting Stu Porter for a specialist photo safari for a group of 3 of us. This is exactly what we need, so thank you also for explaining what he does and recommending him.
Jenny Sorlar

I like it!

We really like your display. The close up African shots especially!
Leslie Lawton

Terrific Photos

Really enjoyed your images thank you Mal. Would love to see some of them blown up to A3+! We are a group of photographers (serious ameteur, pro and semi pro) and we shall be staying 2 days in London en route to the Mara in June - perhaps we can meet up? Kind regards. Jack
Jack Wenger

Great photos

Thanks - these are really beautiful photos! Could you tell me how important you think it is to have a canon 500mmf4L lens versus the 100-400mmL for wildlife photography? Very many thanks.
Linda Bradshaw


Hi Mal, I just want to let you know that we have really enjoyed your imagery especially those from you African photo assignments! Lenny Wildlife & Nature Photographic Society, DC
Lenny Chapple


Beautiful to see. Do you sell you images? I am interested in prints of 2 of them.
Angie Secur


Mal, thank you for sharing these images with us. You have some beautiful work in this display. We are an active photography group of invited members consisting of serious enthusiasts, semi-pro and pro photographers and are interested in reaching out to you. Our contacts are attached. Many thanks, Angela.
Angela Zinter


I love this stuff!! Thanks
Alex Birchall


Just great! Fantastic images thank you Mal!
Rob Perkins

Love this portfolio

Really beautiful stuff Mal, particularly your close up imagery. I have enjoyed viewing this portfolio. Thanks. Laurie
Laurie Staple

Awesome photography

These photos are really great. Thanks.
Zoe McDonald


You get around and you have some seriously stunning photos. Beautiful. Thank you very much mal.
Andy Gable

Great photos

What great images you have! Many thanks for sharing them Mal. Keep them coming.
Jennifer Lasum

Your photo site

Gary Pocock

Cool pix

Wow - love these pictures! LK
Lucia Kelly

Beautiful photography!

Beautiful and varied images Mal. I look forward to seeing more. Leslie
Leslie Kay

Great imagery

You have some wonderful imagery here. I particularly like your interesting tight crops.
Win Turner


You have some beautiful images in this collection. It would be great to see them in a larger format? Thank you so much. Terry (US)
Terry Long

Great shots!

Mal - what great shots! And such a diverse subject matter. Thank you.
Pete Drewer

Love your images!

Stunning images Mal. For your wildlife, do you have or have you used the 400mmL 2.8? Interested to know your opinion on how it compares with the 500mmL f4 that you use a lot. Many thanks, Sarah.
Sarah Park


Fantastic photos Mal. I love the 2 landscapes you have of Kruger (Baboons at Dawn, Kruger Dawn). Do you sell these and if so what size, resolution and price? Very many thanks.
Ali Moxton

Lovely Images

Really beautiful images!
Terry MacDonald

your phots

Fantastic stuff! Came across your site and I think these are just great. Many thanks! a
Andrew Mostard

Your images

Cracking images Mal! These are truly stunning.
shirley Edwards

Your Photos

Hi Mal,
You've got some beautiful shots here. It would be great to do some of them the justice of a larger display - even if you needed to 'watermark' them.
Regards, Sue
Sue Lawson (Annette's friend)

Your photos

I love these photos! Thank you so much!!!
Valerie Maasen


Inspiring images - some really beautiful ones! Thank you Mal
Zola Muchen

Top Photos!

Some very very good photos you have shown us. Many thanks Mal. We look forward to seeing more.
Alan Tewery


What a wonderful display of images Mal - thank you for these. We are keen nature photography enthusiasts in Scotland and really appreciate this.
Julian Proctor

Fantastic Photos

Mal, your photos are amazing - Thank you for sharing them. Some awesome experiences, besides admiring your talent we are quite envious of your wildlife experiences.
Lara and Rory Lavery

Great photos

Hi Mal. What a rather awe inspiring delightful surprise. With all the time you spend in Afghanistan and Africa and Islay etc where we may never again or rarely get to, it is wonderful for us all " to sometimes see what you see. " You're very generous. Thankyou.
Katherina Macgown


Really fantastic images Mal. Especially 'Baboons at Dawn'! Love it. Keep them coming.
Leon McDowell


We really enjoyed your site and seeing some of your wonderful images. Lovely to see!
Clive Rant


Hey Mal;

Love the photos and site. Stunning! AS
Anna Scarborough


What a diverse site you have and what stunning photos! I am doing research into setting up photo sites and I think you have convinced me about clickpic. Do you have any advice or issues with them?
Thank you for a terriffic website.
Leo Marsden

Cracking Photos!

Top notch Mal! You have some cracking phots and great locations
Justin Hamer

Your Photos

We have been browsing photo websites this morning and we belong to a very active photography group here in New York. You have some wonderful photographs on display and it has prompted our group to look at a photo safari like the Stu Potter assignments that you do. Thank you so much and we look forward to keeping in touch with your latest. Wallace (Manhattan Photo Group)
Wallace Hall

I like em!

Top photos and great site. Thanks. Charlie VA
Charles Peyton

Great Photos!

Hi Mal - great photos! You have some beautiful images. We are enthusiast/semi-pro photographers and planning a specialist photo safari next year 2011. We will connect with Stu Porter - sounds just what we need. Look forward to seeing more. Jerry
Jerry Bath

Cool photos

Hey Mal - really cool photos. Love them!
Sally Hill


Hello Mal - great photos! Fantastic shots. Can you tell me what you think of the 500mm L prime lens for wildlife in Kruger?
Rich Warner

Your Photos

These are really something - some beauties!
Keep this site updating - we will visit.
Jan Smythe

top photos

some top photography Mal! Your panning shot of the wild dog is stunning. Pete
Peter Lane


Very cool photos Mal! Love em.
Sarah Mallen
Sarah Mallen

Good going!

Great pics here Mal!


What great photos! Really enjoyed looking at these. lc
Leslie Crabber


Hi - I have just looked at your photos here and you have some stunning images. What are you thoughts on the 100-400L glass for wildlife photography? Does it work OK with the 1.4 converter? You don't indicate that you have used a converter in capturing these images. Many thanks for your time. Marioin
Marion Zuppe


Dear Mal, beautiful photos! And a top site. Do you sell your photos? If so, what size files, format and/or prints? Thanks
Alastair Scarlow

Your photo site

Really enjoyed your stimulating site - top photos!
Dwayne McLane


Brilliant photos! Top stuff!
Barry Agnew


Thats it - wow!
Jerry H


Great photos!!!
Charlie Barle

your site

What an outstanding selection of photos. I am very impressed! Can you tell me what you think of the Nikon D3 and also the Canon 5D mark 2 - i notice you use both? I am looking to my next upgrade from Nikon D90. Thank you for your time. Z
Zola Donahue


Hello Mal, I am thinking about starting up a website and have looked at a good handful of hosting providers. Your site is just lovely and your photos wonderful. Can you tell me what you think about Clickpic so far? Thank you.
Anabelle Phillips


I am a keen photographer and I want to say how impressed I am with your display of photographys in many different areas.
Simon Zo

Great photos!

Mal, you have posted some great photos here. Thanks and please keep them coming.
Jeremy Chisholm

Your pictures

Some really impressive photographs! I would really like to see some of them in larger format if that is possible. many thanks
Dan C

Very beautiful photographs

You have most beautiful photos and I like especially the animals and landscapes. Thank you
Peter Chan


Some wonderful picutres! I would love prints of your 3 cheetah pics to frame as a threesome. Are you selling them? Thank you.
Shirley Temple

photography site

Just wonderful photos - I love them!
Jenny Robs

Your photos

You have some stunning photographs here. We are planning on a photo safari and we would love to be able to capture images such as these. An inspiration. Thank you. Anne
Anne and Chris Laland, Ontario, Canada

photography site

I really like the photos on your site! Very cool photos.
tony mcdonald


Hello, there are a few great photos here that I would like to have copies of if possible - do you sell them? And if so, what size can you print them to at 300dpi? Many thanks. Liam (Ireland)
Liam Joubert

your phots

Such lovely photos! Thanks.a
Amy Richards


Fantastic photos and site. I am working on setting up a website and this I think is one of the best for me - simple with impact. Are you able to put larger images on here?

re: stunning photography

Just had a look at this site and am stunned by the quality and diverse range of your images and your eye for composition . This is great inspirational stuff, inspires me to investigate getting a web site up and going asap.

Talk soon
Annette Macgown from Tasmania


Great photos!
Andy Robertson


Thanks for this lovely display. You have some wonderful photos. I noticed you have used the canon 500 f4 L prime. I hear it is a beautiful lens. Can you tell me how you find it for wildlife and what your recommendations are - I am hoping to do a photo safari in August during the mass migration in Kenya/Tanzania. Thank you. Amanda
Amanda Evans

Photo Safari

Your photos especially the wildlife ones are inspiring. I am planning on a photo safari for 2 weeks to Kruger later this year. I have a Nik 200-400mm lens that I am hoping will be long enough. What is your advice? Thank you very much.
Shaun Edwards

Photo site

Brilliant photography! I really really like this. Please also tell me how you find the canon 100-400 L - does this give you enough range for wildlife? I hear it is a superb glass for this.
Zachery Ponder


This I find excellent site. Your photography very much how I want to take my photos. Thank you very much!
Marion Wong


Fantastic photos! Thanks ad

Site visit

Really cool site. Terrific photos!


I have enjoyed your photographs very much indeed. I also think your simple and uncluttered website is first class. All the best. WL
Will Lamont


Awesome photographs and great site. I am planning on a photo safari for 2 weeks at Kruger SA. I notice you have used canon L lenses 100-400 and also the 500mm F4. Can you give me some advice on how you found these 2 lenses? Did you use a converter with with either eg 1.4 x EF? Appreciate you answer.
Adrian Smythe

vist to your site

Great photos!
Anthony Besden


Love your photos and this site. Thank you!
John Biggens

Your photos

Fantastic photos - keep it going please
I love the whole approach of your site - fantastic photos with professional yet very casual and friendly website.
Sally Hill

Visit to you site

Stunning. What a great eye you have. We really enjoyed looking at this. Please keep on adding to this because we will be visiting.
Veronica N


What outstanding photos. I am working on my website and hope to have it up and running soon. This is one of the best examples I have found and I hope to able to take photographs like you in the future. Thank you so much.
Lisa Mackenzie


Mal, you have a really inspiring collection of photographs and a great site. This is a site I have already come back to several times. J
Jonathan Scarborough

Just visited your site

I love your photos!!! Brilliant
Alastair Jennings


Really enjoyed looking at your photos. inspiring! I also see why you have linked up with Geoff Simpson.

Can you tell me what you think about the canon 5D Mark 2 - I notice you have used this one mainly and also Nikon?
Wendy Long